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African Rhythms Dance Group Spring Open Classes
Nnenna (she/her) is Makuu’s graduate intern studying in the Counseling and Mental Health Services program, and she’s offering a free, 1:1 space to talk about anything on your mind (e.g. stress, school, mental/emotional/relational support, etc). Send her an email at to find a mutual time to meet, and utilize this free resource as much as you can!

$100,000 Projects for Progress Award

What’s your big idea? What concrete initiative do you think would make a real difference in the city of Philadelphia in one of the following ways:

·         Eradicating or reducing systemic racism

·         Achieving educational equity

·         Reducing health disparities based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and/or social determinants of health.

Look to your left and to your right and you will find potential student, faculty, and staff collaborators with great ideas and, most importantly, a range of perspectives, interests, and expertise to contribute to your team.